FEA, or Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas de Lisboa, is a festival dedicated to Lisbon-based artists’ workspaces. Independent spaces, artist studios and artist-run spaces across the urban area of Lisbon open simultaneously on the occasion of FEA with exclusive exhibition projects, events and performances.
FEA is a project created to promote the artistic autonomy and renewal of the art system in a collaborative and mutualistic perspective.
FEA has the ambition to enhance the Lisbon-based artistic and cultural scene by creating a network capable of returning to both public and critics a mapping of the creative energies active within the territory; a mapping that does not include only institutional spaces and private galleries, but all the places where art is realised every day.
FEA proposes the rethinking of the artistic phenomenon recognizing its complexity and variability by bringing out the most innovative and spontaneous forms of cultural offer.
FEA was born from the need to stimulate a new kind of dialogue between artists and the city, aiming to establish a more real and daily relationship with contemporary art.
FEA is free for both participants and the public.